waking up with the roosters   Leave a comment

my son and his wife came home at about three forty five, waking me and their two children up.
I tried to ignore Kayla’s announcing to us all that she was awake and Keira laying next to me said “Nana I want to get up”
I said “no honey it is still dark outside”
Well not even a minute later Kayla decides to play with the light switch in her room obliterating my “It’s dark outside” by letting us know she was awake and wanting up too.
My daughter in law took them both in bed with her and my son even though I told her I would take them down stairs.
She tried for forty five minutes while I lay there wide awake listening to her.
At four forty five I said “Why don’t you just let me take them downstairs?”
She asked if I was sure, I told her I was, and here we are.
They have eaten breakfast and now are watching one of their favorite movies “Curious George”

I plan on napping later other wise I will be in bed by eight pm.
tomorrow I am back to work and need my beauty sleep

Posted December 27, 2009 by Marge in family, Kayla, Keira, my loves, ramblings

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