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Sunday morning and up before the sun   Leave a comment

I watched my baby girls last night and like the dummy I am, I stayed up till after eleven reading.
I went up to Kayla’s room and sat in the rocker there because she has a horrific cold and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hear her in my room so I slept in the rocking chair.
For maybe an hour.
Keira came in and wanted me to go lay in bed with her, so I did.
Kayla mumbled and cried out a bit right around five am so I went in there and checked on her.

The dogs wanted to go out to go to the bathroom at five twenty and I thought, oh what the hell…..get up.
SO I am up.
I may nap later since I never feel like I sleep well when I am responsible for the girls

Kayla has been sleeping since six thirty last night, and Keira was asleep before nine.
So Kayla has been asleep for eleven hours and counting and Keira is working on ….8
I may have gotten six hours.
Ahh well one of the joys and perks of being Nana.


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