Lord help me Jesus…….   1 comment

I have prayed and prayed and prayed for my sister to not be in pain, but she is.

She is suffering a lot and still in the hospital.

I honestly don’t think she will ever get to a nursing home because she is just too sick.

I don’t think she will be here in another two weeks.

My sisters say six weeks to two months.

I don’t think so.


From Sunday night to yesterday afternoon her stomach has enlarged to over half of what it was before.

Sunday she looked 8 months pregnant and yesterday she looked 15 months pregnant and she was laying down because it hurts too much to sit up.

We were told she has an angry liver that is just growing and growing.

I fear it will either cause her to have a heart attack or press on her lungs so much that she won’t be able to breathe.

I know she is in the best place she can be.

My brother is flying home from Canada today.

My sister will fly in on Sunday, and I sure hope it won’t be too late to see Cyndi.

My youngest sister flew to Florida to watch her granddaughters while her daughter and son-in-law enjoy Disney World so she  won’t be back till the 28th..

Again I fear too late to see Cyndi alive.


I am so tired.

Lord please give us all strength to get through this

And help Cyndi not to have to suffer too much~







Posted September 20, 2016 by Marge in family, God, heartfelt, ramblings

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  1. I am sorry so much of this has to fall on your shoulders. I appreciate all you are doing and am sure Cyndi does as well. I love you.

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