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Diabetes 101~   Leave a comment

So now that I am officially a diabetic I have been reading anything I can get my hands on about theΒ  disease.

I need to eat better which I have been and get more exercise (which I haven’t been doing)
But I am determined to start a new and start walking every day even bike riding when the weather allows it.

Diabetes is a serious issue and I didn’t realize how bad it is on your other organs if you let your diabetes go.

My husband was diagnosed three years ago and he lost 40 pounds but then he justΒ  started eating everything in sight and gained it all back and more.

He eats sugar none stop with his cookies and ice cream

But now that I am diabetic too I am going to encourage healthier choices and see if he will start walking with me.

It’s Friday though so that makes everything in life worth while.


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