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Still on my mind~   Leave a comment


Going on vacation is still on my mind.

I wish I could take off here in a week or so and just go out West

Darn it



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Harder then I thought~   Leave a comment

So when I first learned I was diabetic I was all gungho on getting the right foods and eating healthier.

Now that I am in week three of this I find I miss too many things

Gravy is one.

Pizza is another.

Ice tea is another (with artificial sugar of course)

But the ice tea makes me feel bloated as does the pizza.

I know it is more about portion control.

And of course cutting out all sugar.


I am quite sure I will learn more as I take these classes.

Exercising is something I need to just start doing.

There is no excuse not to except that I am very lazy…..




Posted September 8, 2016 by Marge in ramblings