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Kick me while I’m down~   Leave a comment

I am exhausted, physically and mentally exhausted.

I feel like every move I make takes more effort then I can muster.

My husband and I went to see our eldest daughter and that was wonderful.

Literally wonderful to see her so happy and content.

She glows…..


but the whole time I was there, I was talking with my sisters about our sister Cyndi who is dying from cancer.

Rick and I get home yesterday afternoon about four thirty and I go directly up to the hospital to see Cyndi.

I honestly didn’t recognize her, she is so thin and so frail.

But I did know her voice so….I knew it was her.


She is weak and very sick and wants to be someplace where someone will take care of her.

Hospice is going to help find a nursing home for her, but if they can’t or can’t right away she will come live with me.

I will take a leave of absence from work and care for her.

It won’t be ideal but I will do it if I have to.

We live in a one story house and she wouldn’t have to do any steps and the bathroom is right there close to the room I would make hers.


Then to top it off my night custodian called in sick.

NOT because he is really sick, no….he just calls in because our bosses let him get away with it.


Did I mention how tired I am?

This was taken earlier this summer.

This is from left to right, my niece Jackie, my sister Cyndi, me and my sister Carolyn

Cyndi looked so much healthier then…..




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