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To be or not to be~   Leave a comment

Ever just think about what life would be like if you just started over somewhere?

Just packed up and left it all behind.

I imagine I get to feeling this way due to my mother’s always dreaming of a life other then the one she was living.

I come by it honestly at any rate.

For the most part, I would say most days it is 90%, but about one of two days a month it shoots down to 70%, of being a happy person.

Just those two or so days every month jump up and bite me and make me think of where I would be if I went this way or that?????

Maybe it is just hormones or a  bit of depression.

Could be that time of the month but I don’t have those anymore so…..

At any rate I feel today like I would like a life other then the one I am living.

I would like to be romanced and have some passion in my life….

I would like to feel special to someone, instead of a room mate……

Some days I just can’t imagine living the rest of my life in this passionless way…..

And it isn’t just sexual, although it is that……but it is also what am I passionate about in my life?

My grandchildren yes, but they aren’t with me 24/7 and I can’t wrap my entire happiness around them.

Maybe I need a new job…..

One that will bring me satisfaction…..

Wish I had the answers……






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