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Life is a Bitch!   Leave a comment

Found out from my sister Cyndi that the doctor told her she has  2-6 months to live.

That the cancer is so advanced that he can’t do anything more for her.

Her stomach is filling up with fluids due to her liver not working as it should.

She is in a  lot of pain.

He told her she will get more tired as time goes on and one day she will fall asleep and not wake up again.

Makes me cry….

Cyndi wants to go to a nursing home so she isn’t a burden to any one.

This is going to be a few tough months for her sons, her grandchildren and her siblings.

Ugh, life stinks some times.


This is the four of us, my sister Carolyn on the left, Kathy, Me and Cyndi, back in June

Cyndi looked really good then….


Carolyn is the oldest in our family and then Cyndi, then our brother Ric, then our sister Linda, who passed away almost four years ago, then me, then Kathy and then Wanda who isn’t in this picture.

5 of us minus Kathy

Here is one of Ric and Wanda and Cyndi and me and Carolyn taken a couple of years ago.


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