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I want to plan a trip to takeĀ  my grandchildren to Disney World.

The four older ones anyway.

Bailey is one and wouldn’t enjoy it

Of course she could come as well if her parents were there too to help take care of her.

But taking the soon to be 13-year-old, the 9-year-old, the soon to be 7-year-old and our only grandson who is 5 would be plenty for my husband and I to handle should that be all that would go.

I personally would love for all 13 of us to go but I don’t see my daughter Paula and her significant other wanting to go.

So that would knock it down to the 11 of us.

Not sure anyone else would be interested in going…

I mentioned it to them all yesterday and I got a luke warm response.

I’m sure they are all thinking of the cost…….

which would be expensive no doubt about it.

Still it would be awesome…….



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For years I have been dieting and giving it up just to start dieting again because I tell myself I have to be thinner.

Today I am back at it again.

I hate that word dieting, and I hate depriving myself of foods I love.

however cutting back is not working.

I must cut out certain foods

I took my grand daughters school shopping and while my 9-year-old was trying on jeans I sat in the dressing room with her looking at the fat woman looking back at me.

How incredibly disgusting I am.


I want to lose at least 35 pounds before my daughter’s wedding next April.

More would be great as I need to lose 60 pounds altogether but I am trying to be realistic about this.

And while I realize that if I just change my eating habits and exercise more……for the rest of my life this can work.

But I have become quite lazy……

But that must change, because I can’t stand the way the person I see in the mirror looks……….

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