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Does she know that I love her?

Can she feel it  even when we are miles apart?

Does she know I think of her daily and miss her?

Can she know what is in my heart?

She lives in Wisconsin, and while that isn’t that far away

I hope to make it up there and see her one day soon.

I don’t talk to her often

Sometimes I feel we are on fragile ground

But I love her dearly and miss her and wish she could come around more.

Yes the road travels both ways…..and soon her father and I will go visit her.

I’m so proud of the woman she is.

She is beautiful and so comfortable with herself and I love to see her happy.

It does my heart so good to see her happy.

I love my first-born daughter, more than she can possibly know….


here she is standing next to my husband.

It is Rick, Paula, Emily, Me, Brian and Matt.


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washing walls, waxing floors and moving furniture   Leave a comment

we are winding down to the first day of school here in Iowa.

Three weeks from today is the first day of school.

Will I be ready?


I have quite a bit to do but I have the next 14¬†actual work days to do it so… will get done.

I am tired of washing walls and waxing floors and moving furniture.

Although the waxing of the floors isn’t all that difficult.

Still it will be great when it is all done and I can take a breather.

And the kids can come back to school and dirty it all up, making my summer cleaning basically for nothing.

The joys of working in an elementary school.


iowa river valley in iowa

Isn’t this a cool picture?

It was taken right here in Iowa!

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Toby and Aaron

my new pup is very precious and wonderful

Seen here with my grandson Aaron.

He has only had one accident in the house and that is my fault as I saw him eat and then got busy reading something and suddenly realized he was sniffing around and so I got up to take him out to potty.

Too late as it were, but only one potty accident is great.

He sleeps with me.

He woke me up at three this morning pacing on my bed so I took him out to potty.

We got back into bed and he wanted to play.

I told him no several times before he went to lay down near my feet and play with his chew toy.

When the alarm woke us up neither one of us wanted to get up.

But alas we must.

I hate leaving him in his kennel as he hates it and whines and cries, but he can’t be trusted to roam the house and not chew on things and make messes.

Maybe one day he will be old enough and can be left home alone without coming home to messes, but not yet…….

Love the little guy, but I do miss Max a lot too.


I actually told Toby last night he was a pain in my butt, which only makes me miss Max cuz I use to wrestle with him and say that to him over and over.
Toby will never replace Max, but he is a nice addition to our family.

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Where do the weekends go?

I haven’t a clue.

But here it is, Monday morning again.


I have a lot to do.
I just need to find the ambition to do it.

On the plus side the temps are supposed to be very cool this week, more like the end of September then the beginning of August.

I LOVE cooler temps.

enjoy life

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