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I literally ache everywhere.   Leave a comment



I am so exhausted.

I literally ache everywhere.

My arms hurt so badly from washing walls all damn day.

Good Lord I am getting too old for this kind of work.


maybe I need to find a way to retire sooner rather than later…….

something to think about……..

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down to the last of it.   Leave a comment

Well here we are with two weeks and three days till school starts and I am down to the last of the cleaning.

Steps and the gym and kitchen.

I have two sets of three flights of steps yet to clean.


The gym I can’t start till next Monday due to the summer program being here.

It is the same with the kitchen.

And then the school will be clean……..

That is until someone comes a long and messes it up.

Mainly teachers who think they have to throw every single thing they had last year away now that they are filtering in and going through the process of getting ready for a new school year.

God forbid anyone reuse something from last year.

They are all so wasteful.

Seems sad to me that a college educated person can be so senseless in the practical things.


But I have been praying to be less critical of others so I need to work on it………including in my blog writing.

Posted August 5, 2015 by Marge in ramblings