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For years I have been dieting and giving it up just to start dieting again because I tell myself I have to be thinner.

Today I am back at it again.

I hate that word dieting, and I hate depriving myself of foods I love.

however cutting back is not working.

I must cut out certain foods

I took my grand daughters school shopping and while my 9-year-old was trying on jeans I sat in the dressing room with her looking at the fat woman looking back at me.

How incredibly disgusting I am.


I want to lose at least 35 pounds before my daughter’s wedding next April.

More would be great as I need to lose 60 pounds altogether but I am trying to be realistic about this.

And while I realize that if I just change my eating habits and exercise more……for the rest of my life this can work.

But I have become quite lazy……

But that must change, because I can’t stand the way the person I see in the mirror looks……….

Posted August 17, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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