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missing florida teens

these two fourteen year old boys go out into the middle of the ocean off Florida and are never seen again.
14 years old!
Their parents say they were avid boatmen and knew what they were doing.
Well obviously something went wrong.

they have been missing for 8 days!
Their over turned boat was found but there is no sight of the boys and the coast guard and other officials looked for them over 20,000 miles.

No sign of them

I’m sorry but they are 14.

They had no business being out on the ocean with an adult.
I don’t care how experienced they were.
They are still just boys.

Or were.
Because I doubt that either one of them is alive today.

This saddens me greatly.

I was very far from a perfect parent, but I do know none of my children would have been allowed out in the middle of the ocean in a boat by themselves and or with a friend, even if they were very well-informed on being on a boat

too many things could go wrong.

Let’s say one of them decided to go swimming.
okay, he goes in and gets caught in an under current.
the other boy jumps in to save him, they both are struggling.

The boat was over turned when the authorities found it.
Did one of them try to get back on the boat and over turn it?
Did a huge wave over turn it?

Could, God forbid someone follow them out there and do bodily harm to them?
Or kidnap them?

Or did a shark get them?
There are so many things that could have gone wrong.
And obviously something did.
It is so sad.

Please believe me I am not judging their parents but where was the common sense?
Even in a river something could go wrong but an ocean?
My God I just hope they didn’t have to suffer for very long.

And I do feel horrible for their families.


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