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I feel like I have been shot   1 comment

My sister sent me a letter today informing me that I have become ” A uncaring, cold, bitter unfriendly person”

Just because I spoke my mind stating that I didn’t care if I saw her daughter or my brother when they came back.

And why did I state this?

Because they both have been here in the past and make no effort to contact me and or invite me to see them.

I don’t care if they only have a few days.
My seeing them isn’t going to make or break their day.
It wasn’t like I was asking everyone to be quiet while I had my one on one time with them??

so I dared to say my honest feelings and now I am a cold uncaring bitter unfriendly person


And because I don’t make time for her and my other sister as often as they think I should, I am heartless!

And not only that but she called me on something I didn’t intentionally even know I was doing that happened 38 years ago!
When I was 15 and 16!

I was a kid!
Good God!

I guess it is just better to know what people truly think of me than to live with blinders on.
I don’t have time for people who insult me like that.



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the road less traveled   Leave a comment

Do you ever think, what if I had opened door number two?  Or went down that road instead of the one I did go down?

Am I the only one who wonders about that road that I didn’t take?

And while I know it does no good to think what if?

I do sometimes wonder where I would be if I had done something different.

For instance……when I was  23 or 24 I seriously thought of going back to school to become a nurse.
IF I had done that, I would not have my younger two children.

I believe that whole heartedly.

Because the career would have been enough.

Maybe I would have had another child or two down the road, but it wouldn’t be Matt and Emily.

AND if I hadn’t had Matt and Emily, then I wouldn’t have Keira, Kayla, Aaron and Bailey.

That just seems horrific

Another example, my Cousin Sandy dated an older man whom when she tried to break up with him, he killed her and then himself.

She was 26 years old with four little girls.

IF she had never dated this man, chances are she would still be alive today…..

I just every once in a blue moon think about what might have been, what could have been…..

Don’t get me wrong I am quite content with my life.

I wouldn’t change much of anything if I could…..

I just often think of that road that I didn’t take……..

And wonder where I would be today if I had chosen differently….

Am I alone in that way of thinking?


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I Survived!!   Leave a comment

Two hours and twenty minutes later and I am done moving science kits.

Go up 50 steps 24 times (1200 steps)and then 30 steps 15 times (450 steps) with several breaks in between and I am finally done

Keep in mind some of the science kits weighed 20 pounds or more.

Some only weighed 10 or 15 pounds, but most were over 20 pounds

I survived.

Good God my arms and legs feel like noodles.
And my back….well I think it is numb…..

But man am I a sweaty mess.


Thank God it is over!


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oh my freaking God!   Leave a comment

I have thirty nine science kits to move from first floor up to second and third floor.

I just moved them all down six steps to get them near the steps to climb up to third and second floor.

I am so damn tired.

I haven’t even begun the long trek up the steps with them.

Unfortunately I can probably only carry one at a time, so that means going up and down the steps 39 times!

I am tired already.

The only up side to the whole thing ( and believe me I need an up side!) is that it will be good for my heart to climb the steps all those times.

Lord give me strength!



I’m definitely the mouse today……..

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