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I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am giddy with energy

But in the two and a half days since I have started taking thyroid medicine I do feel more energized.

More aware…..

I feel alert and everything is more colorful……

Weird I know, but hey… is what it is.

An improvement~

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I love flowers.

they make me happy

they make me glad to be alive

they make me rejoice in the little things in life

Yes they do all that.

Quite a lot of pressure for a flower…….



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I have just begun to calories

why you may ask?

because I can’t seem to lose weight and I need to try something different.

it is amazing to me how quickly the calories add up!

According to the  internet for my body height  I should only be eating 1600 calories a day.

Well hell, today’s breakfast, snack and lunch are over 1100!

this is going to be tough!

But I am determined to lose at least thirty pounds before my daughter’s wedding.

more would be terrific, but I am trying to be realistic


11430289_10205808918720497_7687053299364771838_n  the soon to be bride and her fiancé

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