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Dear God   Leave a comment

As the day grows closer, my mind fills up

As I think of what He gave us, my tears well up

I am forever thankful for all my Lord has graced me with

I sometimes get blinded by the silly things and forget all of the bliss

All of the love and family He has given me

All the health of my loved ones…….for the ability for me to see

My Lord Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Lives in my heart and soul and keeps me praying with all my might

To remember, to treasure every breath, every person I love so dearly

To remember that it is through God that I see this all so clearly

For I am a blessed woman
I know this with my entire being

that nothing on this earth means anything and has so very little meaning

Without My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Through Them everything is possible………everything is beaming

I am a blessed woman

Of this I have no doubt

Thank you God for all that you have given me, I really want to shout

Today, tomorrow and forever please hold me in your arms and keep me forever realizing all the gifts you have given me

And please keep me true and pleasing in Your eye and if possible help me always see what You Dear Lord want me to be





Posted December 22, 2013 by Marge in God, heartfelt, ramblings