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Let it snow   1 comment

so we are supposed to be getting some snow tonight and into tomorrow

I wish we would get a foot or two, which is funny because my sister wants to leave Iowa and she doesn’t ever want to live where she has to deal with another Christmas

She and her son are thinking California or Florida?

I personally would pick Florida but that is me.
California would be nice to visit but I just don’t see myself living there.


but since I will probably never move……….I don’t mind the snow

I actually love winter.
I love it more than I love summer because in summer we have to deal with bugs and heat and humidity.
I would rather deal with snow and cold temperatures and yes even shoveling snow

I am not fond of ice but hopefully that won’t happen too much

We had a lot yesterday so let’s just pretend that is done for the rest of the year……….

Besides it is Christmas.
We need snow for Christmas.







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