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So my youngest daughter informed me the other night that I am a bitch and am a bitch most of the time.
it hurt for her to say that to me and I cried a few tears over it.
however I’m going to give that to her because she was right.
I have been a bitch.
unhappy and letting everyone know that I have been

But she opened my eyes and made me realize that how I act and or behave is felt all through our family


So God and I had some really great talks yesterday and He is helping me be better.

I’m quite sure I will get down and blue again, just seems to be my nature……….but with the Lord’s help I know I can get through it.


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Β it is the last day of school for the 2013 school year!

Makes me so happy to know the kids and staff will be gone from here for two weeks and I can CLEAN and it will stay CLEAN!!!!

I’m so excited!
There is a lot to do though but I have six official work days to do it.


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