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a bit envious   1 comment

My sister and her son are talking about moving to California

I have to say I am a bit envious

Not that she is moving to California but that she is starting a new adventure.
Granted I could do the same but I want to be where my children and grandchildren are so therefore I can’t move away

Or should I say I don’t want to without being close enough to drive home every month or so.


But her son hates Iowa winters and therefore they want to move

And my sister will move where he is because he is her only child and she is hoping and praying for a grandchild in the next year or two.

I would move to Florida and drive home to Iowa once a month


Or I would live in Colorado and come home every month or maybe even twice a month since that is just a twelve-hour drive……..


I can’t see my husband ever-moving out of Iowa and therefore I won’t either.

But I do feel my sister is lucky to start a new adventure.
The second one for her as she moved to Florida for eight years……about fourteen years ago



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