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A new year, a new beginning and a new out look on life   Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder about the day you are going to die?
Sometimes it hits me that I am probably over half way through my life.
Maybe even three-fourths through it.
I hope I’m not almost done with it but I suppose there is always that possibility that I am.

As I think of this new year beginning I think of what is coming this year?

Hopefully a new baby, and maybe even a wedding.
But besides that what?

My outlook on life is different from it was say a week ago or two weeks ago
My gracious Heavenly Father is in my head and heart more so now than ever before and God granted He allow me a future here on earth, then I am going to be positive and have a much brighter outlook because of Him

I still sometimes toy with the idea of going back to school
I toy with the idea of becoming a great novelist.

but when I look around me and think of the future a new job isn’t going to make me any happier than I am right now
So therefore school isn’t important enough to go in debt for
Not to mention the time it would take and put me away from my family while I went to school.

I will always want to be a writer.
I do need to force myself to write something every single day and maybe I can get the juices flowing again and be productive

When it is all said and done Family is the most important thing on this earth
My Lord Father is first and foremost and always will be
Because without Him I wouldn’t have the blessings of my children, husband and grandchildren
and let’s face it
Grandchildren are gifts from God.

So as the new year approaches, I could wish and yearn for tangible things but the only things that really matter are my love and faith in My Heavenly Father
and those wonderful children, grandchildren and husband that I have as a family
Not to mention my siblings and all of their loved ones as well.

Yes I am a truly blessed woman.
Thank you Lord for all my gifts from You.



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