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It is Thursday and while I hate my job I have to say the week has gone by rather quickly

(now I hope it doesn’t start to crawl since I just wrote that)

Had all four grandchildren for a bit last night, it was nice but they were rowdy and that got on my nerves a bit.

Kayla is such a wonderful little girl.
Her  being a bit chubby  makes me ache for her because I am afraid once she gets in school other kids will tease her and I don’t want her to have to deal with that.
But she is so smart and sweet but yet so incredibly ornery too

she was singing me a Christmas song last night and it brought tears to my eyes.
She is growing up so fast!

Don’t get me wrong Keira Aaron and Mirielle are wonderful too.
But Kayla and Aaron are at such cute ages.


My youngest daughter will be moving out this weekend.
I can’t wait till it is done.
I love her dearly but she needs a place of her own


the only problem with her moving is I will miss seeing Aaron as much as I get to now.

well I suppose I should get back to work here since I am at work and on the clock.

Happy Thursday!





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