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two thousand thirteen

are you making any New Year Resolutions this year?
I am as always determined to lose weight.
I would like to lose sixty pounds but I am going to strive to lose 20 by May 1st and then work on more after that.
Today is the day to start fresh, start over…..

aside from the weight loss I vow to be more happy

To look at my blessings and rejoice in them instead of always feeling like I’m not getting what I want.

A year ago today I woke up to this


and I would love to be there right now

I have tried to get my husband to move there for the winter months, but he isn’t buying it.

it would be heavenly to wake up to the ocean sunrise every morning

but like most things in my life it is a pipe dream

my other resolutions are to be smarter with money and get some dept paid off.

I want a sizable bank account so if I want to take off and go somewhere on a whim, I can.
Hope every one has a Happy New Year!

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