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another weekend almost done   Leave a comment

I can’t believe how fast my days off go

they just fly by.

seems like an hour ago it was Friday night and here it is late Sunday afternoon

how I hate how fast the time off goes.

we are celebrating Matt’s birthday today instead of tomorrow due to all of us working tomorrow except the birthday boy
He will be 27 tomorrow.
He is the first of the four of my children who have their birthday’s the first three months of every year.

I gave his daughters pictures of him when he was two years old today

the older one loved it.

the younger one isn’t quite sure I don’t think.

Still they will all be here with in the hour and it will be a mad house for a while.

don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but these last three hours of quiet time have been nice.

the only down side to having the family over is Paula and Aaron won’t be here to make us complete.

yes tomorrow is another stinking Monday but I have thirteen weeks and five days till I can go on vacation to Florida and soak up the rays… I guess I need to get through my work weeks.


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