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I have come to the conclusion that I am living life half asleep

I am rarely in the moment, I am so often looking at the clock and thinking, yes in such in such time I will be free from work, or the weekend will be here, or whatever…….always looking a head that I am not in the moment of where I am in life.

I am not inspiring at all.
I want to be, I YEARN to be

there is so much I want to do, but I put limitations on myself and therefore nothing gets done
I exist, half heartedly………

I am a dreamer, alas one of the many traits I got from my  mother.
I dream of how I want things, but I don’t put any of those dreams into actions.

I NEED to do better

I have only this one life to live!
I need to get busy living it.

otherwise I will be 90 before I know it and have nothing but wishing I had done this or that…….to think about.


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had a brief dinner with my sisters, two of them Tuesday evening.
We went to Texas Roadhouse with my husband and I had the onion ring thing, and it made me sick

I did not come into work yesterday because I was so weak and not feeling well due to how sick I was all night long.

and by sick I mean coming out both ends.
(I know, too much information)


It was great seeing my two younger sisters though, even though it was for such a brief time.

My youngest sister is now a grandmother.
her eldest daughter gave birth yesterday to a little girl.


I’m happy for her

Grandchildren are such wonderful blessings from God.

I’m at work now with no ambition to be here, but alas…..that doesn’t seem to matter as I need the money so here I am.

Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a world where money was unimportant?
Where I didn’t need it to make ends meet?
Ahh…what a dream
Almost as good as being thin and eating whatever I wanted and never gaining weight.

Neither will ever come true.
Good thing dreaming is free.


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