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People magazineI just read the book Laci Peterson’s mother wrote about her daughter’s death and her son-in-law Scott’s conviction

I remember it like yesterday and it has been ten years already since Laci died.

Her husband murdered her on December 23 or the wee hours of December 24th of 2002
she was almost 8 months pregnant with their child.

I remember where I was when I heard on the radio that they convicted Scott of first degree murder for killing Laci and second degree murder for killing their baby
I remember screaming “YES!” in my car

I didn’t know Laci, but I read this book because I was horrified at the time that a man would kill his wife and child the way Scott did.

The book was good and I felt Laci’s mom’s pain

Laci looked to be a very beautiful young woman
and it is really sad that we live in such a sick world where people think they can murder someone, just because they don’t want to be married to them anymore

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what’s new pussy cat?   Leave a comment

do you know that Tom Jones song “What’s new pussy cat?”
I honestly don’t know if that is the actual title of the song but as I was clicking on the blog to write something it jumped into my brain.
so thus this is the title for this blog.

Nothing really new
My youngest is moving out this weekend.
which will be nice for her and me.
She needs a place of her own

my hubby and I may go to “Gangster Squad” this weekend.
not sure but we may

have Keira and Kayla this weekend.
I may see if Mirielle wants to stay too since she never gets to.

My youngest son’s birthday is Monday
he will be 27
we will have him and his wife and daughters over for supper that night.
As well as my son Brian and his daughter Mirielle.
I’m sure Emily will come as well, but hard to say for sure right now.

it is Friday, Thank God, but before I know it, Monday will be here.
Oh the Golden Globes are on Sunday night so I will watch those and probably be disappointed like I always am



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