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nature walks with Aaron   Leave a comment

when I have my grandson in the evenings, which I do every day Monday through Friday when it is my daughter’s week to have him, he and I take little nature walks and Aaron explores.
We have found mud puddles, and he sees RV’s in people’s yards that I tell him are campers.

He LOVES semi trucks and cars

he LOVES trains and just exploring.

he enjoys finding rocks, and looking at birds, and two weeks ago he chased a squirrel in hopes of catching it.

I love my special time with him.

He is adorable and fills my heart full of joy


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isn’t she cute?   Leave a comment

not sure where I found this picture, but isn’t this kitten adorable?
I told my husband we either need to get another dog for Max or a cat.

he just rolls his eyes at me like I am insane
I was looking at St. Bernard puppies  last night on the internet and I found one for $350

I would love to have him.
True he is smaller than Max at the moment but will grow to be a horse before it is all said and done.

and of course I won’t be able to get him because my husband won’t want me to.
But I love St. Bernard’s.
I would name him Sebastian the great, because he would be beautiful.

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no voice yet again   Leave a comment

I have a sore throat, have had it since Sunday but it seems to be getting worse.
I am sucking on Halls drops nearly constantly and when I am not I feel like my throat is on fire.

not to mention I don’t have a voice.

oh if I strain really hard I can get a squeak out every now and then that someone might recognize as a word.

it is funny because when I can’t talk, no one talks to me either.

I’m like a wall flower, unseen and unheard.

odd to me
I still can shake my head yes or no, but no one talks to me when I can’t talk to them.


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