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I’ve been reading  a lot on conquering our fears.

that a person should face their fears and do what makes them afraid instead of sitting back and letting life pass them by.

doing this, scuba diving, and facing a shark, would definitely be conquering my fears.

but it would be cool too.

there are a lot of things I don’t do because I am afraid of failing.

I need a spark, someone to light a match under me to get me moving.


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on this cold and chilly spring day, I yearn to be home in my house, enjoying a good book or a movie with candles all around me.


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Friday is with us again.
how I love my Friday’s.

I have another busy weekend ahead of me.

seems never-ending.
Tonight I go and get the girls for a few hours, which will be great since I haven’t seen them since last Sunday

Tomorrow all of us sisters are going to go to my youngest sister’s place in Missouri
I of course am driving which I hate, but I am the one with the most reliable car so hence, I am driving.
it will be fun and enjoyable but it will be a long day and therefore my weekend will be half over with by the time I get home tomorrow night

I know quit whining


Sunday is wide open, but I do need to get groceries and clean and do laundry as well.

so that day will go by quickly as well

but I only work a four-day work week next week and then I am off for ten days so….
I have no reason to complain.


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