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my weekend was spent mostly with my grandchildren.

not that I mind it, but it goes that much quicker when the grandchildren take up most of the time

Friday night we went to Matt’s so Rick could help him do some wiring.

I spent the time with the girls playing.

Saturday they were at our place by five, and the girls stayed the night and were there till noon on Sunday
Brian and his family came over because their washing machine isn’t working and they needed to do laundry.

and then we got Aaron back for the week so he was there for a few hours as well.

I did manage to get my house cleaned and the floor scrubbed so that was good.

I am a truly blessed woman with the wonderful complete gift of my grandchildren.



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someday   Leave a comment

someday when I have money to spend I am going to buy myself a Thomas Kincaid painting.

the man had incredible talent and I just love looking at his pictures.

every time I look at one I see something different then the time before when I looked,

the man had such a great talent for detail.


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I had a really good tan going last month when it was so beautiful out every single day

while shaving my legs this morning I noticed I have all but lost it.
That is depressing to me.
I don’t need to be really darkly tanned, but I do like to look healthy and I like to be tanned.

We are going to Florida in July and I don’t want to burn every single day so I must get to working on that tan again.

of course the weather has to cooperate as well.

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ahh here it is, sitting on Monday again
All day long

I so hate Monday’s.
I wouldn’t mind them a bit if I didn’t have the weekends off, but making myself come in to work is damn hard.
But if I had Monday’s off as well I would just hate Tuesday’s.

it is just the thought of working I guess.

Not that I should really complain because I do have a good job.


in exactly eleven days from right now I will be on vacation for ten days, counting the weekends.

I am looking forward to it.

wish I had the money to go to Arizona but alas I don’t at this time.
So I will just spend the time at home and enjoy my grandchildren as often as I can.

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