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buy me a rose   Leave a comment

whisper softly those three little words I so long to hear

hold me close, make me feel safe and warm and treasured so I have no fear

promise you will stay here, please don’t leave my side

remain forever faithful like the constant ocean tide

whisper softly that you love me

hold me close, don’t ever let me go

hang on tightly to our love sweetheart

we can keep this closeness forever, if our hearts tell us so


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This is country music   Leave a comment

The Academy of Country Music awards were on last night and they were pretty decent.

I do wish they had more categories simply because there are so many good singers out there and they get brushed aside every year.
Taylor Swift won for Entertainer of the year and while I am quite sure she deserved it, it is sad to see that Brad Paisley didn’t get it nor did Jason Aldean who is becoming quite the entertainer.
Miranda and Blake won, which was cool because I love both of them.

I still don’t get the “Song of the year” and “Single of the year” it is the same thing to me.
but I guess it isn’t to the ACM people.


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ocean versus mountains   Leave a comment

I was thinking the other day how I miss the ocean and the sounds of the waves rolling in  and out.

But I was flipping through the channels last night and saw an advertisement for RAM trucks with the glorious mountains in the back ground and it made me realize, I miss the mountains more.

if I had the money (my husband wants me to stop spending)  I would take off for Utah here in a month when I am off of work

unfortunately I can’t take the money to do it since I promised my husband I would cut back on spending.
And we are going to Florida for his birthday/retirement

still I miss the mountains.

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almost paradise   Leave a comment

yesterday’s weather was perfect

truly almost paradise right here in Iowa.

There was a slight breeze and full sunshine and it was just a perfect day to play outside with the grandchildren and just inhale the incredible beauty of the day.


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