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although this isn’t a Thomas Kincaid painting it is the closest thing I have to something he would have painted.
He died the other day at the young age of 54.

he had a great talent.
one I envied.
and he made some incredibly beautiful paintings.
I haven’t been fortunate enough to own one.
but maybe one day?


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the color in black and white   Leave a comment

I had a long talk with my daughter’s ex boyfriend this morning about the way things are between them

I offered him some advice and he was cold and hostile at times.

he is quite ready to wash his hands of her one minute and then wanting her back full force the next.

he can be hateful and childish and he pushes her further away when he does this.

I thought if he really wanted her back he might listen to my advice, but no, he said he is done trying.

so that is that.

For today anyway.

tomorrow he may be thinking differently.

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easy peasy   Leave a comment

ahh if it was all this easy

wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we just let it be?

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to those who struggle day in and day out, to win the heart of the one they love


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