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I can’t say I love Aaron more than I love Keira, Kayla and Mirielle, but there is something about him that I just treasure so much
Maybe it is his age and how he learns new words every day and is so inquisitive about everything.

he loves to take things apart and put them back together again.

he loves trucks and trains

and being outside.
I so adore him.


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I have a blog just for music, and whenever I think to add to it, I add songs that I enjoy

I have a few Beatles songs on there.
I just went to play “Don’t Let Me Down”  and it came up that it was a private video.

what is strange is that I have played the song at least a dozen times since I put it on my music blog, and yet now suddenly it is private?

Sort of goes a long with Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone again naturally”
I played it for weeks and now suddenly I can’t, it tells me I have to go to “You-Tube” to play it.

Just weird sometimes the way the internet works.

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