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Miranda’s “My Mama’s Broken Heart”   Leave a comment

go and fix your makeup girl, it’s just a breakup, go and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady, gotta  keep it together, cuz I raised you better, even when you fall a part, but this aint my mama’s broken heart

this is a song on Miranda Lambert’s latest CD.
I love it and hope she has this as her next single.
Such a fun song to sing.


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knowing   Leave a comment

Rick and I watched the movie “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage, and I have to say it disturbed me.

not so much that it was scary, although there were a few moments of being on the edge of my seat and I did hide my eyes once

but it was more that it could actually happen that gave me the heebie jeebies.

it wasn’t a great movie, but it was interesting and entertaining.

Nicholas Cage isn’t that good-looking of a guy, but he is a good actor.

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20 years ago today   Leave a comment

20 years ago today my mother passed away.

hard to believe it has been twenty years.

this picture was taken in 1985
I am the one on the end, in the bottom row in the green dress.
I was six weeks pregnant with my son Matt.
Next to me is my baby sister Wanda, who had just gotten married/or was about to get married and next to her was our mother.
Above is my only brother Ric, and my sisters Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn and Linda.
Linda passed away this last October.

we are all much older now and I’m afraid to say we are all a whole lot heavier than we were in this picture

but it is one of the very few family pictures we have of all 8 of us



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