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Resentment~   Leave a comment

You know I think resentment is a HUGE Alert factor in a marriage.

He resents me and I resent him and therefore we grow further apart.

My husband HATES when I disagree with him.

Hates it so much that he acts like he hates me.
How dare I disagree with him?

I detest his talking to me like I am a child and can’t think for myself.

I also resent doing something and then he goes behind me and redoes it.

I detest that with a passion.

I detest how he treats my one and only grandson like everything is his fault and the child can’t do anything right.

I detest how he treats him like he dislikes him.

He did this with our eldest son all of his childhood.

Truth be told he still does it to some extent.

Aaron isn’t a saint nor was my son Brian when he was a boy but hell Aaron is a child.

9 years old and a fairly smart child, but he isn’t an adult and he is still testing boundaries and learning.

No one is perfect and I resent greatly when my husband treats my grandson like he can’t do anything right.

So yeah there is a lot of resentment.

He resents me and I resent him.

Some days I just want to call it quits.

Move out and live on my own


game over





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