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beat shazam

I just started watching this game show.

I use to think I knew a lot of songs, but alas, after watching this game show twice now, I find I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did.

They do R & B and I know next to nothing about that kind of music

They do soul and I know nothing about any of those songs.

So I wouldn’t do very well on this game show.

They did a song by Coldplay that I didn’t recognize.

And another by some young popular pop singer.

I hadn’t a clue who the singer was let along what song she sang.


Still it is fun to watch.
They are in season three already and I just discovered the show.

Guess working third shift and every weekend these past few years put a dent in my TV watching.


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Should I or Shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

Depending on what the dew point is supposed to be tomorrow will decide on weather or not I am going to open the windows.

The weather channel says the dew point will be in the seventies tomorrow, while KCRG channel 9 says sixty one will be the dew point which will make the difference in the humidity

I am ready to open the windows again and get some fresh air, however I don’t want to sweat every second of the day tomorrow if it is going to be muggy.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate heat and humidity.

Unless of course I am by a pool or ocean.


So here in about thirty minutes when the news comes on, hopefully they will let me know what the dew point is going to be tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be below sixty.

That would be ideal.



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