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Too old for this

I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and had to work today by myself and I have come to the conclusion that I am just too old for this crap

I can handle a 8 hour shift and while I am tired it is a good tired

Working 12 hours makes every muscle in my legs and feet ache

Now working toda by myself i am literally exhausted

God willing I will pass my clinicals tomorrow and get away from working this 12 hour/ by myself job



I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and I am feeling the pain today

My leg and hip on the right side just feels like it doesn’t want to move

Sigh, this getting older

On another note,  i am going to take the class and get my CNA licenses again

The class is a refresher course,  8 hours and then I will take the test on December 6th

God willing I will pass it

Glory Days~

I rearranged the basement this evening and did laundry as well since I was down there.

While I was waiting for the last bit of laundry to get done, I was looking at old photo albums.

Mainly of my mother when I was young but a few of me and my siblings when we were just babies.

Carolyn was maybe 25, which put Cyndi at 20, and Ric at fifteen, Linda at twelve, me at eight, Kathy at six and Wanda at four.

I love looking at old photos.

Grandma Hestness and  Clarence were in a few as well.
Along with Aunt Loretta and a few of people I have no idea who they could have been.

I assume family

Those were the glory days.

The time when we were all so innocent and had no idea what life had to offer.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive some of them.

Other times I think,  no way would I ever want to go back.

But Grandma would be alive as would Mom, Linda and Cyndi.

I miss them.

Sometimes more than others.

I still dream of them and they are alive in my dreams.

I find those dreams are gifts from God.

A wonderful walk, down memory lane.

I’ll try to figure out a way to get them downloaded so I can post some here.

Glory days.

Simplicity at it’s finest.

magnificent seven

Back row, Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn and Linda.

Front row, Mom, Wanda and me




Another 12 hour shift

Ugh, I hate working 12 hour shifts but alas I am working one now

Hopefully my last one for a while

They need to hire people

It’s crazy to be this short of help

One more day after today and then I have one off

Work 3 and then am off the weekend

Sure wish I didn’t have to work at all,  but alas I know it is good for me


4th of july too

Once More ~

Yesterday a man I use to be neighbors with passed away

Once more I am reminded how precious and fragile life is

He was 55 and had a bone marrow transplant last June. His body rejected it and he got a infection and never recovered

He was in the hospital for 99 days,  suffering 2 heart attacks and the doctors had to revive him 4 times

But his body just gave out

It is sad

Rest in peace Randy



One to go

One more 3rd shift to work tonight and then I am done with them

I am thrilled

Not sure how any one gets use to working 3rd and getting enough sleep


Thoughts in my head~

I’m thinking of trying to write a children’s book

The first few will be be for children 5 and under

The others that I have in mind will lean towards teenagers

Of course it all works in my head

Putting it all down on paper may be something else

I have one short story done

Now I need to work on the art work

And with the next 3 nights working third shift I hope I can get this first one illustrated


How Quickly Things Change ~

So I come in to work tonight to find the director of nursing still here

She asked me to come into her office and asked me if I wanted to go to first shift full time

I didn’t hesitate and said Yes

First shift is my preference

So I will start that shift a week from today

I feel God’s grace yet again



By the time I get to bed here in 55 minutes,  I will have been up for 22.5 hours

Needless to say I am tired

I only hope I can go home and fall asleep immediately as we are going out on the lake with my sons and their families

I may get 3 hours before I have to get up and shower before we meet them at 11 AM this morning

God willing I will be able to sleep


Going Back~

Well I got hired back to the nursing home

I start Sunday night then I will have Monday and Tuesday off and then work Wednesday through Sunday nights, 3rd shift

We need the money and insurance

I’m looking forward to it, even though I love not working

I must work so I will make the best of it