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I must admit that I don’t get on here to write

I use to be so faithful at it, sometimes writing several blogs a day

I honestly don’t know where the days go to

It is amazing to me how quickly time goes

We had a amazing storm earlier today

It took out quite a few trees and power lines

The wind had to be 50 or more miles per hour

It was crazy but it cooled down wonderfully

Got to love the cooler weather

Still wishing I could go on vacation but with the coronavirus I just can’t see it happening



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It was a very pretty day today

Cool 73, but breezy and nice

Love days like this

I had to wear a sweater to work because they say it will be in the 50s in the morning


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FB_IMG_1596433285659sure hope the new month means better health for everyone

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I need a vacation   1 comment

I have the desire to just get in my car and head west

Visit Colorado Utah and Wyoming

Just to be on the road and vacationing



utah homemountain home

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My youngest grandchild is 2 today

My little caboose, my last grand child is growing up way too fast

I love her immensely and adore her quick mind

She brings so much joy to my lifeFB_IMG_1594647104790

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Why Are People So Stupid?   Leave a comment

People are putting things on Facebook that there is no coronavirus just the media trying to scare everyone???

I don’t understand their stupidity

My husband’s nephew died from the coronavirus at 39!

Elderly people are dropping like flies in nursing homes due to the coronavirus

How can people say it is all a hoax?

It almost makes me wish these stupid people would get the coronavirus so they can see how real it is

My God the stupidity from the president down is a virus all in itself

Lord please help them


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The weather is wonderful today

Just perfect weather

Low 80s with a breeze and no humidity

All the windows are open in the house and I so love the fresh air

I wish every day was like this weather wise


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We got a wonderful thunderstorm earlier tonight

Just love listening to them and watching for lightening

It made it quite a bit cooler out too

Which makes me very happy


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I have been sweating profusely tonight here at work because I had a chocolate candy bar before I came to work tonight

I am diabetic and I know I shouldn’t have had it

But I did anyway

So damn dumb on my part

I do know better

game over

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What to say today?

I am at work and it is 5 am

One more hour to go with nothing to do

I will answer call lights if needed but if no one calls then there is nothing to do



Off tonight and then work Friday and Saturday nights

The job isn’t hard it is just being here

So ready for cooler temperatures so we can get rid of the humidity

I detest it


Still wishing I was rich

That will never change

me too

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