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The Back~   Leave a comment

Since I quit working eleven weeks and three days ago I haven’t hardly had any issues with my back.

But every now and then, like today, I do something stupid and hurt it and I forget how painful it use to be every single day when I was working for the school district.

Not so much when I was a personal care attendant, but it still hurt a bit.

My grandchildren have the entire basement to play in and they did today for hours.
I go down there to check on it and clean it and the double mattress is off the bed, toys every where and two area rugs picked up and thrown elsewhere.

Trying to get the double mattress back on the bed frame caused the back ache.


It is great to let the grandkids play down there because they have a lot of fun and there isn’t anything they can break.

But cleaning up after them can be a chore.

I will have to talk to my grandson and my four year old grand daughter tomorrow about the mess.

I know, they weren’t the only ones down there.

My ten year old grand daughter was down there too and my brother- in – laws grand daughter Aubry too.

So I know it wasn’t just the two that I watch every day.

However it was a mess.


Love them all so much.


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