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Today is my day off.

I don’t have my grandchildren.

I do however have a ball game to go to later today, if the rain holds off.

I haven’t done anything too eventful today.

My car is acting funny otherwise I would have made a trip to the big city and maybe go see my eldest sister.

But since the car isn’t quite right, I don’t want to take it out of town.

I have told my husband about it but he doesn’t seem too interested in looking at it.



We are talking about taking a trip to Florida later this summer.

With my youngest daughter and her husband and their three kids.

It isn’t set in stone,  but we are talking about it.

I suggested we go in July but my daughter thinks that going in August would be better.

My husband says “It’s going to be hot” well yeah it is but that is why there is a pool and ocean to swim in.

I hope we can go.

I would love for the entire family to go but I doubt the others will feel like they can afford it.

I have been watching the series “Friday Night Lights” and am on the final few episodes

It was on TV a few years ago, I think it ended in 2010  or 2011.

I stared watching it because I am a huge fan of Kyle Chandler’s.


If he wasn’t in it I wouldn’t watch it.

I am not a huge football fan but the story lines are some what interesting.

I also like Taylor Kitsch, who has a pretty big role in it up till the final season.


So yeah in a sense I am wasting my day off away but it is my day to do as I see fit.

I know I lead a very boring life but hey I have all that I need and I know I have a good life.



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