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Late yesterday afternoon I went to Applebee’s in Coralville to meet three of my sister’s.

It was a great visit however driving home I felt like I hogged the conversation which annoys me when I think about it.

I know my own thoughts and feelings so I should have been quieter and let them talk, but my sister Carolyn asked me about my husband and I vented.

I know I have a good husband but he does annoy me so therefore I let it all out in front of the three of them.

Hey what are sister’s for?

It was a good visit though and always nice to see them

Wanda came up from Missouri and she seems to be doing well even though she was a bit quiet.

Carolyn looked like she was in a lot of pain and not feeling well.
She always tries to do too much and always ends up paying for it.

She is almost 75 and needs to slow down.

But of course telling her that is like trying to catch a cloud and bottle it.

She is stubborn and doesn’t listen.

Ahh but it was enjoyable and nice to sit and visit and catch up.

Wanda and Carolyn

Wanda and Carolyn


And Kathy

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