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Sister’s~   Leave a comment

Late yesterday afternoon I went to Applebee’s in Coralville to meet three of my sister’s.

It was a great visit however driving home I felt like I hogged the conversation which annoys me when I think about it.

I know my own thoughts and feelings so I should have been quieter and let them talk, but my sister Carolyn asked me about my husband and I vented.

I know I have a good husband but he does annoy me so therefore I let it all out in front of the three of them.

Hey what are sister’s for?

It was a good visit though and always nice to see them

Wanda came up from Missouri and she seems to be doing well even though she was a bit quiet.

Carolyn looked like she was in a lot of pain and not feeling well.
She always tries to do too much and always ends up paying for it.

She is almost 75 and needs to slow down.

But of course telling her that is like trying to catch a cloud and bottle it.

She is stubborn and doesn’t listen.

Ahh but it was enjoyable and nice to sit and visit and catch up.

Wanda and Carolyn

Wanda and Carolyn


And Kathy

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Resentment~   Leave a comment

You know I think resentment is a HUGE Alert factor in a marriage.

He resents me and I resent him and therefore we grow further apart.

My husband HATES when I disagree with him.

Hates it so much that he acts like he hates me.
How dare I disagree with him?

I detest his talking to me like I am a child and can’t think for myself.

I also resent doing something and then he goes behind me and redoes it.

I detest that with a passion.

I detest how he treats my one and only grandson like everything is his fault and the child can’t do anything right.

I detest how he treats him like he dislikes him.

He did this with our eldest son all of his childhood.

Truth be told he still does it to some extent.

Aaron isn’t a saint nor was my son Brian when he was a boy but hell Aaron is a child.

9 years old and a fairly smart child, but he isn’t an adult and he is still testing boundaries and learning.

No one is perfect and I resent greatly when my husband treats my grandson like he can’t do anything right.

So yeah there is a lot of resentment.

He resents me and I resent him.

Some days I just want to call it quits.

Move out and live on my own


game over





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Aladdin~   Leave a comment

Took two of my grandchildren to the movie “Aladdin” this afternoon.

It was a cute show.

No not fantastic, but Will Smith did a great job and it was entertaining.

The grandkids seemed a bit bored with it but they both said they liked it when we took them home.


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Beat Shazam~   Leave a comment

beat shazam

I just started watching this game show.

I use to think I knew a lot of songs, but alas, after watching this game show twice now, I find I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did.

They do R & B and I know next to nothing about that kind of music

They do soul and I know nothing about any of those songs.

So I wouldn’t do very well on this game show.

They did a song by Coldplay that I didn’t recognize.

And another by some young popular pop singer.

I hadn’t a clue who the singer was let along what song she sang.


Still it is fun to watch.
They are in season three already and I just discovered the show.

Guess working third shift and every weekend these past few years put a dent in my TV watching.


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Should I or Shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

Depending on what the dew point is supposed to be tomorrow will decide on weather or not I am going to open the windows.

The weather channel says the dew point will be in the seventies tomorrow, while KCRG channel 9 says sixty one will be the dew point which will make the difference in the humidity

I am ready to open the windows again and get some fresh air, however I don’t want to sweat every second of the day tomorrow if it is going to be muggy.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate heat and humidity.

Unless of course I am by a pool or ocean.


So here in about thirty minutes when the news comes on, hopefully they will let me know what the dew point is going to be tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be below sixty.

That would be ideal.



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Calming~   Leave a comment

158  There is something so calming to me watching the oceans wave roll in and out.

Seeing the moon caressing the sky above is just an added bonus.

I wish I was near the ocean.


Maybe some time soon.

seven three

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In The Moment~   Leave a comment

Today is my day off.

I don’t have my grandchildren.

I do however have a ball game to go to later today, if the rain holds off.

I haven’t done anything too eventful today.

My car is acting funny otherwise I would have made a trip to the big city and maybe go see my eldest sister.

But since the car isn’t quite right, I don’t want to take it out of town.

I have told my husband about it but he doesn’t seem too interested in looking at it.



We are talking about taking a trip to Florida later this summer.

With my youngest daughter and her husband and their three kids.

It isn’t set in stone,  but we are talking about it.

I suggested we go in July but my daughter thinks that going in August would be better.

My husband says “It’s going to be hot” well yeah it is but that is why there is a pool and ocean to swim in.

I hope we can go.

I would love for the entire family to go but I doubt the others will feel like they can afford it.

I have been watching the series “Friday Night Lights” and am on the final few episodes

It was on TV a few years ago, I think it ended in 2010  or 2011.

I stared watching it because I am a huge fan of Kyle Chandler’s.


If he wasn’t in it I wouldn’t watch it.

I am not a huge football fan but the story lines are some what interesting.

I also like Taylor Kitsch, who has a pretty big role in it up till the final season.


So yeah in a sense I am wasting my day off away but it is my day to do as I see fit.

I know I lead a very boring life but hey I have all that I need and I know I have a good life.



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