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my inability to handle the insaneness of this world   Leave a comment

The insaneness of this world and the people in it, really get to me some times.

What is wrong with people?

Who in their right mind would leave a child in a car on a hot summer day where that child would die?
Don’t tell me the parents are too busy to even think of that child.
I call bull shit on that.

That person CHOSE to have that child, so therefore they are responsible for that child’s welfare!

OR the parents in Iowa who let a three year old swim with their siblings and not have an adult watching out for her?

I know I have no right to judge people but my God use some common sense people!

Where are their brains?
What are they thinking?

I just don’t understand.

Lord please help us down here on earth, because people just can’t seem to take the responsibility needed to look after the little people whom they are responsible for!

We need all the help we can get Lord.

Posted July 17, 2014 by Marge in God, heartfelt, ramblings