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too deep for me   Leave a comment

Brian in the gulf

with all the shark sightings along the east coast this summer, going out  in to the ocean would not be my choice of things to do.

I’ve been shoulder deep and I have even been out deeper once when I fell off a jet ski

my husband and I even were pulled out with the tide once and we had to swim back to where our feet could touch the bottom

it was a scary feeling.

still I would not go out this far and just hope and pray the sharks didn’t want me for their next meal.

I’m not that brave…………..

This is my son when we were in Florida a few weeks ago

Only his third time to the beach so….of course he wanted to get the full experience.

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wake up   Leave a comment


as I wrote a few days ago, or maybe it was a few weeks ago now, do you ever feel like you are living on auto pilot?
or that every day is the same?
or that nothing ever changes?


I sometimes feel all of the above.

but regardless of it all I do know I have a good life.

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my grand daughter   Leave a comment

index my grand daughter Bailey is due in five weeks so this is roughly what she looks like in her mama’s womb

I won’t lie I had hoped she would be a boy, because I only have one grandson but I will be perfectly happy with her too when she gets here.

I love her so much already and I haven’t even met her  yet.

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September’s travels   Leave a comment

Desert in September we are flying to Arizona to see the grand canyon and then drive up into my beloved Utah for a few days

I have yet to find a state I love more than Utah.
It was Montana and I do still love Montana, but then I saw Utah and I was over whelmed with the beauty

I can’t wait to see Utah again.


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God’s glory   Leave a comment





nature-38-Beautiful-Free-Pictures  God’s glory is every where!  All we have to do is look and see it.

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I so love pretty pictures


even once in a blue moon I take a pretty one


the above picture I took


utah-2  and I took this one in Utah

a_alaska-754467 I didn’t take this one in Alaska, but some day I hope to be standing here and taking my own picture……………

300px-oceanranger this picture is  in Japan I believe and I doubt I will ever make it there.

4 my eldest daughter took this picture of me and my husband when we were in Utah  many years ago

800px-Denali_National_Park   I love the beach, I really do, but the mountains call me too.

if I had to choose which place I loved more I don’t think I could


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are you romantic?   Leave a comment

a while back I told my husband and my two grown sons that none of them had a clue what it meant to be romantic.
Not one of them acted like they wanted to know either.

What is wrong with men these days?
Don’t they understand that a woman needs to be romanced?
that she needs to know she is still attractive to her spouse and that she is wonderful just the way she is?

I use to work with a man who had been married forty plus years

I asked him once, “What makes marriage work?”
And his answer was “You have to make sure you let your wife know every day that she is the most important person in the world to you”
How romantic.

and I’m glad some women get to have a man who does know how to be romantic………….


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I wonder   Leave a comment

I wonder if people day dream as much as I do.
I wonder if they all think of the what if………….

or am I just my mother’s daughter and like her I just like to dream of what could be?

maybe I am wasting my life away thinking and dreaming of things I would like to do but probably will never do.

Good thing dreaming is free.
I would have a bill into the millions if it wasn’t.

As I work cleaning every day I day dream about what I would do if I had the money to do it.

Here is a short list………….

and not necessarily in order……


Buy a boat and learn to sail

learn to fly an airplane

visit Switzerland

Visit Ireland

Visit Africa

Have a home on the beach and one in the mountains

help my siblings and children with their dept.

own land

travel travel travel…………..


that is just a few things.
I’m sure there is more if I had the time to sit and think of it all…………..

I would of course love to write the next great American novel, however……having the money to do it doesn’t mean it would be successful………………..



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stop what you are doing and let’s hit the beach!   Leave a comment


I wish I was this turtle making my way into the waves……………

or this dolphin playing in the ocean


I long for the beach and I know I was just there and have been there three times this year already……….I doubt there will be a fourth although in the dead of winter I will be longing for it……..


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you know………   Leave a comment

you know, I take for granted that I always feel good, until I don’t feel good and  I am miserable

today is such a day

I am sneezing and have a runny nose and have probably blown my nose a good hundred times already today


you know, I know someone who is retiring at the end of the month and this person still is unsure if it is the right thing to do.

you know sometimes it takes a mountain to move a village or just a lot of caffeine.

you know my grandchildren are incredible and I am so very thankful for them
WE took them to the demo derby the other day and my eight year old grand daughter Keira said “Nana, this is the best time I have ever had”
I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Love their innocence.

and I told her I was thrilled to be a part of the best time she has ever had…………to date……

I told her more good times are coming.

you know when it is all said and done, I am still very happy to go home every night and just be lazy



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