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I’ve decided I’m going to strive for two things this next half of 2014
one is, I am going to try really hard to lose at least thirty pounds before I go to Hawaii in March/April of next year.
I know I can do it, I just NEED to give up anything with sugar in it and exercise more.
determination makes the impossible possible

and I want to retire in two years.
Actually a year and a half.
When I hit 55 here in not quite two years I want to retire from working full time.

That is only 2016

If I get my car paid off and stop spending money all of the time there should be no reason why I can’t do it.
The only hitch to this is if we decide to buy a house again.
That will put me back to feeling like I HAVE to work to make ends meet.
I will still take two vacations a year, one to Florida to see my sister and the other to where ever the heart calls me.

Let’s see if this will work out………

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