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unfortunately most people don’t understand this………..

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take this rose, and know it is given with love

treasure this rose and keep me held above

all the ugliness, the hatefulness, the pain

help make this world whole again

help us all be grateful for all we have

don’t let us be greedy bitter or sad

keep us content, keep us helpful and nice

this rose is a symbol of  love,  it is given with a price

treasure it, hold it dear, keep it close…….


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I just bought three new cd’s of Susan Boyle’s.
Okay they aren’t new but they are new to me

one is a Christmas cd.
I like her a lot.
I enjoy her voice

it is quite beautiful.


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Daytona July 27 2012 004

My husband is turning 57 tomorrow

this was taken two years ago this Saturday

I bought him three pairs of shorts and three new shirts.

and we will probably go out for supper tomorrow night as well.


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looking past the job   Leave a comment


I had a tough day at work today
Literally took everything in me to stay there

I am really sick of cleaning and washing walls.

I spent a lot of time day dreaming for this or that.

mainly to be able to retire and just enjoy life.


again good thing dreaming is free, because I do a lot of it.

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