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I did this man a disservice when he was alive and I regret it nearly every day

Tom was my co-worker for about ten years before he retired.
I thought he was a bear, a grouchy old man who grumbled about everything.

it wasn’t until he retired that I realized what a good guy and hard worker he was


I hate when I am a bitch and think people aren’t worth their salt

how little I knew

Unfortunately Tom passed away not even two years after he retired.
he had a massive heart attack and died.

I hope he is in heaven and realized that I regret thinking so little of him…..

Tom Poggenpohl

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How could I let it happen?
How  could I have missed it?
my Tom Hanks had a birthday on Wednesday and I forgot to post about it.
What is wrong with me?
I love Tom Hanks!
I think he is a great actor.


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I have never been so happy to have a Friday that I can’t even tell you how excited I am

I am exhausted

Going to Florida last week has put me back to aching every day from all the work I have done.
It usually takes me two weeks once school is out and I am cleaning full force, before I stop aching.
my body adjusts and then I don’t hurt so badly

well going to Florida last week definitely put me back to the beginning again

damn do I ache.

I should be fine a week from now

but it is going to be a very long week……

I am getting old

no doubt about it.


Still I wouldn’t mind being in Florida still………..


december daytona 004

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