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More pics from Fort Myers   Leave a comment

My daughter in law who has a great eye behind the camera took these pictures when we were in Fort Myers Florida last week





Brian in the gulf


moon at fort myers beach on July 4th 2014

Mirielle and Brian in the gulf


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why am I such a bitch?   Leave a comment

I know I am being a bitch.
I know it but yet I can’t seem to stop myself.

It started when I heard it was going to be hot and humid today

good God I hate humid weather!
We have been spoiled with nice cool weather and now they say today and tomorrow are going to be hot and humid and then the next week it will be in the low seventies.

of course if I wasn’t such a fat cow, the humidity probably wouldn’t bother me so much………..

still I am sick of the humidity


I need to stop being a bitch ( I got side tracked up there)
I need to stop being angry about everything.

I need to change………….

17840_1271081630062_1620512909_648670_5362978_n (okay it isn’t winter but I feel like I need to put myself out of my own misery)


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