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We had a full weekend with our four grandchildren

we rented a pontoon boat and spent a few hours there on that soaking up the rays and enjoying the relaxation

then we had the grandchildren at our fair yesterday

it was enjoyable but tiresome as well

My darling Kayla was a bear unless we were doing what she wanted.
I love her dearly but man is she a stubborn little cuss


still it was a great time and I want to make the memories while we can with the grandkids so they will think fondly of  us when we are old and gray and or when we leave this earth.
Family really is the most important thing next to God, who of course gave me this wonderful family


This is Kayla, Me, Keira, Rick and Aaron
Mirielle was busy with her mother and didn’t get to join us



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a little thought inside my head   Leave a comment

since the first time I went to the beaches in Florida I thought how cool would it be to have a home on the beach?
My sister lives in Fort Myers and has to drive over a half hour to get to the beach but IF I ever lived in a state where the ocean was, I would have to be on the beach directly.

so I have been looking off and on for years, especially this last year, of owning a condo on Daytona Beach.
There are a few that would be ideal for my husband and I

I would want to be down there a lot in the winter time, and visit family every month in Iowa.
but in the summer I would only go visit once or twice in the summer time and maybe take grandkids with us home to our condo in Florida.

It is probably a pipe dream……..but man wouldn’t that be cool?



daytona beach


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Monday’s headway   Leave a comment


Well I got one small classroom cleaned today

I don’t have the carpet done but that will only take thirty or forty minutes.
I will move on to another classroom when I get done with my lunch


Four weeks from tomorrow school starts and I while I have a lot to do I have the faith that we will get it done and have time left over.
Power of positive thinking you know?



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