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So it is 59 degrees outside right now.

incredibly nice and balmy

almost feels like I could close my eyes and transfer myself to Florida and be on the beach feeling the warm air come off the ocean.



But everything is going to change quickly

by midnight tonight we are going to be cold enough to snow and they say we could get 3-6 inches

I’m not ready for that

I have been teased by Mother Nature so much this winter that I want winter to be done with and spring to be here.
it is 59 degrees outside right now for crying out loud!
After the snow it is supposed to turn incredibly cold again.


I shouldn’t complain I know this.
I live in Iowa after all and this is what winter is like in Iowa.
But darn it…..if it is going to be cold than stay cold!
Stop this back and forth crap that is only teasing us!

Okay, enough griping for today.




Posted January 29, 2013 by Marge in ramblings

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