all things bright and beautiful   2 comments

My Heavenly Father has spoken to me.

He has reminded me that despite my misgivings and wanting to flee, there are reasons I shouldn’t throw in the towel.

He has spoken to me and I have listened to His advice.

Through God all things are possible.
And His promise to me just reinstates that for me.


Posted January 22, 2013 by Marge in God, heartfelt, ramblings

2 responses to “all things bright and beautiful

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  1. 🙂 – I agree! You are awesome and wise!

  2. You know, I can’t comment from Internet Explorer – have to open Google Chrome to be able to comment. I don’t mind Google Chrome but it puts ads all over the place which I find so very distracting. It keeps saying my browers in Internet Explorer isn’t the most recent but yet every time I try to download the latest, it says it is already running on my computer. Sigh. Computers are great but can also be so frustrating.

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