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My Muddled Thoughts Today~   Leave a comment

Today is my 12th day off

I work the next two days both twelve hour days.

One part of me dreads it.

The other part is looking forward to it.

Why you may wonder?
Well as much as I love my grandchildren and I do I love them more than I love my own life…….I miss the interaction of being with adults.

I miss just doing something other than revolving my day around my grandchildren.

And to be honest, the older two, Aaron who is 8 and Bailey who is 5, they both back talk to me and I detest that.

I keep telling them to stop, but I won’t spank them and or slap them.

It is not my place.

I did cuss at Aaron earlier because I had to tell him something three times before I cussed and he did as I said.

I am not proud of that, but it shouldn’t take me three times to tell him anything.

And Bailey loves to tell me no.
Which pisses me off.
I tell her over and over that I will not except her back talking to me.

She has been put in the corner several times and or made to lay down and take a nap.

She is always always so much happier and nicer after a nap.

Still if I could choose I would choose to not work at all.

Unfortunately that isn’t realistic now.

Maybe in a few years.

Right now I need money to pay bills.

I got paid today and after paying bills I have three dollars left.

It is depressing to me.

So I am going to have to tell my boss to put me on a few more days a week so I can make more money.


Now I have a three day break from my grandchildren because I work the next two days and then my son in law doesn’t work on Monday due to Veterans day being on Sunday.

My husband is off that day as well.

We may go to a movie or two.

There are several I would like to see.

I will miss my darling Ava though.

My three month old grand daughter.

She and I have bonded and I will miss not holding her precious little body to my chest and have her look at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

I will miss Aaron and Bailey too but not their back talking…..

So here I will be working twenty four out of the next forty nine hours.

Hope it goes well.

Happy Weekend!




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Things~   Leave a comment

My two grandchildren are here.

Aaron who is 8 and Bailey who is 4

Ava stays home with mom and dad.

They like staying here because we don’t make a lot of rules and we do what they want to do

I bought them each a cheap toy at dollar general.
Bailey two barbies for $5 and Aaron a little hot wheels track that Bailey seems to enjoy more than Aaron does.

My husband made two bowls of popcorn and Bailey refused to share hers until she got all she wanted.
Aaron didn’t care for any.

Rick is eating one bag and I have been nibbling on what Bailey hasn’t eaten.

Sometimes popcorn gives me a really bad stomachache and other times it doesn’t bother me at all.


I did eat some spinach dip earlier that had never been open but was dated for August 2018

I opened it and had some and threw the rest away.
God willing I won’t get sick from it.


And since the seal hadn’t been broken I doubt I will get sick.

Time will tell though

One more day off and I am back to working two twelve hour days again.

Sure hope they go fast.

I did get a $1.50 raise though so that is nice.


me august 2018

Sure wish I was here again……

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Breakfast Pizza,Captain Under Pants and Counting Down~   Leave a comment

So Aaron and Bailey came today and both wanted breakfast pizza, so we went to Casey’s to get some.

Almost six dollars later they are eaten and now we are watching Captain Underpants.

Like SpongeBob Square Pants I find this show to be really dumb

The two of them enjoy it and I let them watch what they want on TV.

It keeps them happy and usually from being bored.


Two days and counting down till we get to meet Miss Ava Marie.

I am anxious to meet her and God willing she and Emily will be fine.
I always worry as many many years ago, probably close to forty or fifty I had a cousin who gave birth and a blood clot went to her heart and killed her.

I always am afraid that it will happen to one of my kids.

I know, I worry…..

But God willing all will be well.

Then after Emily has Ava my husband will bring Aaron and Bailey up to meet her and then we will all go back to their place where I will stay over night there with the kids and their two dogs.

Not sure if Emily will come home on Friday or Saturday but if it isn’t till Saturday I will stay over again Friday night.

I do have to be at work on Saturday at six so……Rick, my husband will have to come back over and spend the day with them until Emily, Adam and Ava come home.

Emily is off for seven weeks so hopefully she will get caught up on sleeping and spending time with her kids before she has to go back to work on September 17th.

In the mean time, we wait…..


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The Working Class And My Little People~   Leave a comment

As usual I worked the weekend.

It is something I do every weekend to get to have my days off during the week to watch grandchildren.

I always look forward to Monday because I am off

I use to hate Monday’s but that was when I only worked Monday through Friday.

I did tell my boss that she could put me on a few nights a week if she needed due to two people just up and quitting and us being short employee wise.


I would love to never work again but my pocket book doesn’t agree with that so alas…..I work.

Right now I am sitting here trying to be quiet as my grandson Aaron and his sister Bailey stayed over night last night and both are still sleeping.

Aaron loves to stay over night.

Not sure why other than it is something different than being at home.

I have a meeting at two today at work and Aaron wants to tag along.

I keep telling him he will be bored but he says he doesn’t care.

I think his grandfather scares him a bit.

Rick can be gruff and has little patience.

Yes Aaron is ornery and rambunctious but he is a happy healthy boy.

I think he should be cut some slack.

But Rick and my daughter tend to think Aaron picks on Bailey and makes her fuss.

I think it is more…..Aaron is being a brother and Bailey needs to toughen up.

Ahh well……

It is that time of year again when the stores are filled with school supplies.

Yes school starts in over a month but every year we buy the kids school supplies and sometimes I take them shopping for clothes.

Usually I just do the clothes shopping for Keira and Kayla and I just give the parents money for Mirielle, Aaron and Bailey.

Bailey will be starting preschool so I am not sure how much she will actually need for school supplies…..or any new clothes…..

I am grateful for my grandchildren and helping out a bit with school makes me happy and it helps ease the parents load.

I am a blessed woman.

Happy Thanksgiving



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Friday evening…..   Leave a comment

Well Friday the thirteenth has come and is almost gone.

I am about ready to go to bed here shortly as I have to be up by five to be at work at six.

I so wish I didn’t have to do it. ….but like I told my sister I need the money so……

I had Aaron and Bailey today and it was a good day.
Bailey was a happy girl for the most part and Aaron and I had some one on one time which was great.

I told him once his baby sister gets here some time before school he and I can go get school supplies together and go out to lunch.
He said “You mean go shopping?  I don’t like to go shopping”
He is 8.

What does one do?
He knows what he likes and doesn’t like.
So maybe I will stay home with Ava and Bailey and Mom and Aaron can go spend the day together.

They will need their one on one time too.

It was hot today with a heat index of 105 but Aaron and I played in the pool and you do not realize how hot it is out when you are sitting in a pool playing.

It is only ten feet by five feet wide so it isn’t that big.

It comes up to my high waist when I sit in it.

But it was still refreshing and nice.

And Aaron and I had fun.

He said to me before he left “We need to do that again some time”

And I agreed.




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Ahh……….   1 comment

cropped-cropped-daytona-beach1.jpgWell I officially have five days until I am on vacation

Well four actually because I switched with a coworker so I will work tomorrow evening and she will work Friday for me.

Which is awesome

I need to see my grandkids too before we go

I miss them terribly when I go a week or more with out seeing them

I think the two, Keira and Kayla are outgrowing their need to be with me.

Which I hate

I adore them so much

And I need to see them before I fly out of state

Aaron and Bailey too.

Mirielle doesn’t really care but I think she and her mother are taking us to the airport early Saturday morning so I will see her then.

God willing we will fly there safely and have a great week and fly safely home again on May 6th.


And of course all my loved ones will be fine while we are gone

God willing



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Day off and Bailey~   Leave a comment

Well today is my one day off this week before the weekend next weekend.

I spent it watching my three year old grand daughter Bailey.

She actually crawled up onto my lap at eleven fifteen and fell asleep and slept on me till I had to get up at two to use the bathroom.

That of course woke her up.
She was in a great mood though so she must have had a good nap.

I work now Tuesday night through Friday night ten to six am.

Yeah it sort of will be like having tomorrow off too since I don’t go in till ten.

I have to get some groceries tomorrow since I won’t have Bailey.

I changed my mind about getting my hair cut.

I really am not a huge fan of my hair until it is midway through a cut so I just decided to forget it for now.

Plus it is cold out so leaving it a bit longer will help with being out in the cold.

I have  two basketball games to attend on Saturday and then we will have the four younger grandchildren over night.

And then on Sunday we are going to have everyone over for lunch for Matt’s 32nd birthday.

It will be a busy weekend no doubt…..

They say it is going to be freezing cold again by then .

A nice week but by Friday back down to 17 degrees and that  temp on Saturday and colder than that on Sunday.


three three




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Oh Lord~   Leave a comment

My three year old grand daughter just told me that she is bored with nothing to do.

We have painted, colored, she has played games and played house.

Now she is bored.

I made her get up on the couch and lay down because she was crying that there is nothing to do and it is so unfair!

I told her to stop crying or get up on the couch and lay down.

She didn’t stop crying so I put her on the couch and said she wasn’t getting up until she could be a big girl and stop crying.

She is laying there watching Sesame Street and not crying.


She is way too young to pull that “I’m bored” crap.

I don’t think she feels the best, she has had a cold and runny nose all week and her voice is scratchy and hoarse.

Maybe she will sleep a good two or three hours after lunch.


nine two


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Unhappy grandchild~   Leave a comment

My youngest grandchild is here and she isn’t happy.

She doesn’t feel the greatest and acts like she hasn’t gotten enough sleep.

My daughter spoils Bailey to the point that the child is almost unlikable at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my precious grand daughter but she thinks the world revolves around her and that just isn’t how it is.

If they ever have another baby Miss Bailey is going to have a rude awakening.

I keep telling my daughter she needs to start nipping this behavior in the butt right now.

But of course she doesn’t listen to me.

I am just mom you know?

Sedona Arizona

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Grandchildren day~   Leave a comment

Today we have our two younger grandchildren.
My husband always has them on Wednesday’s

I would love to suggest I just watch them and he can go to work but he would find that to be a bad idea as he loves his Bailey time.

She is a spoiled little girl who has her papa wrapped around her little finger.

And he loves spoiling her.

Aaron is quiet and content to play on the I Pad all day long.

One rarely knows he is here.


The other day my daughter, her husband and these two grandchildren were here for dinner.

Aaron was on the I Pad and hardly even noticed at all.

UNTIL we were talking about his sister getting into trouble and getting spanked.

Then out of the blue he pipes up “I love seeing her get into trouble!”

We all laughed (Bailey didn’t understand what her brother had said)

But we laughed because he was so quiet for hours and then suddenly pipes up with that.
Proving he was listening even though he wasn’t participating in the conversation.

They are two wonderful children and I am truly blessed to be their Nana.




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