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No One Is Appreciative~   Leave a comment

My son in law works for the city I live in.

He has been out since 1 am last night plowing the streets.

He worked fourteen hours today and then came and got his three children and went home to care for them until my daughter gets home at five.

He works his butt off.

He will have to go out again tonight and work on the streets some more.

People have complained in the past how they build up the snow at the end of everyone’s driveways while they are plowing.

What else are they supposed to do with it?

No one is appreciative any more.

Even my husband who has plowed snow for years on these city streets was complaining about it this morning.

I don’t understand.

It isn’t like the city employees can get out and shovel everyone’s driveway after they plow the streets.


Just makes me insane.

People need to be more appreciative.

They just do.

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